Aficionado Briefcase

As laptops are getting thinner and tablets are getting more business friendly, it is time to dump the briefcase your dad used 30 years ago for something a bit more modern and slim. The Aficionado is as faster, smarter briefcase that is minimal, practical and refined to quickly access the things you need when you need them. For professionals, presentation is everything. Quality leather briefcases are expensive and that is why this Kickstarter project was started. It is crafted from Saffiano leather and is finished with a protective weather resistant coating so there is no need for the expensive leather care products. It also features a 3 layered combination lock that is built with a solid brass core, pure nickel plating and a premium satin lacquer finish.

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aficionado briefcase interior

aficionado briefcase a man sitting

aficionado campaign photo

aficionado briefcase side

aficionado briefcase front side

aficionado a man standing

aficionado hand briefcase