Arvin Goods – Saving the Planet One Sock at a Time

So you care about the environment. Recycling goes in the correct bin, composting instructions have at least made your browser history, and unwanted clothing gets hauled down to Vinnies. But would you want to wear used clothing? Sure maybe some bohemians from Nimbin and the south end of Newtown want to, but it’s highly unlikely that any sophisticated gentleman would want to wear a used pair of anything.

That’s where Arvin comes in. Arvin is a clothing company with the best of intentions. The new start-up venture is producing brand new clothing from fabric offcuts that look and feel just as beautiful as its competitors, without the wasteful manufacturing practices. Arvin, is an old English term meaning “ a friend of the people” and there’s no name more fitting.

arvin underwear

To start with, it’s just undies and socks. Gym socks of various colours in the Arvin pattern and boxer briefs in similar styles. The intention is to expand the range when the products take off, but for now, it’s just the essentials. Once your wear out the socks, send them back to Arvin and the loop continues. By building every item out of your recycled clothing, Arvin can create a continuous, closed loop of apparel sustainability. The recycled manufacturing process doesn’t rely on water and energy dependent cotton farms or production facilities. Plus, the fibers and yarn are produced using 50% solar powered technology.

two color arvin socks

Arvin is currently crowdfunding via Kickstarter to get the first collection off the ground. Its prices are competitive, and the apparel is just as stylish if not more so than you would find elsewhere. With Arvin, you can support your ‘boys’ and the environment at the same time. Win-win.

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