Ask Q for Some Orlebar Brown 007 Swim Shorts

Orlebar Brown, the London based beach and swim short supplier, has joined Her Majesty’s Service with the Orlebar Brown 007 Swim Shorts. Orlebar Brown launched in March 2007 with the intent of providing men with a more tailored approach to beach and swim shorts. These shorts aren’t just shorts you can swim in, but shorts that you can then go to lunch or to get a drink while wearing. The 007 shorts take iconic images from the loved spy series and use those to design the shorts.

mens swim short orlebar

The Dr. No shorts features the beach scene when Bond meets Honey Ryder for the first time. Astute fans will notice that the shorts use the hand-tinted orange shirt image used to create the promotional lobby cards for the movie. If Thunderball is more your style, then the setting of the underwater battle, which actually contributed to the film winning an Oscar for Best Visual Effects, will be perfect for your own swimming adventure. Bond’s gadgets take center stage on the You Only Live Twice shorts with the autogyro fleeing SPECTRE helicopters. Finally, Live and Let Die is celebrated with a shot of the unintentional record setting 110-foot boat jump when Bond was fleeing Dr. Kananga’s men in a Glastron GT150 speedboat.

Style: shorter length / mid-length
Price: AU$495

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orlebar swim short motorcycle design

beach design 007 swim short

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