Back to Class with the School of Barney Cools II Collection

Founded by a versatile creative mastermind with the heart of surf dog, street-style clothing brand Barney Cools is for those of us who want to look great without ever hearing the words “fashion statement”. In fact the company eschews the word “fashion” altogether. The closest they’re willing to get is when they refer to their brand as “rad clothes & poolside etiquette”, meaning inherently awesome clothing that tries without trying if that makes any sense. Nat Taubman (the aforementioned mastermind) would actually prefer that you just throw on one of their outfits and go. Go where? Anywhere. Nowhere even. Just stop looking at yourself in the mirror already.

For the past two years, Barney Cools has done everything short of show up at your house with six-pack and a bunch of hot girls to personify its laid-back, fun-loving sensibility. The approach is working like a charm, and the company is growing at breakneck speed thanks to an ability to bring out the party animal in all of us. It’s quite easy to see why they’re doing Australia proud!

barney cools black t shirt and cap

The newest offering from Barney Cools is the School of Barney Cools II collection, which like their previous collection asks that you retain a casual mindset while perusing the catalog, maybe even enjoying a drink or two as you scroll through their latest designs. Not wanting to be rude, we poured ourselves a cold beer while previewing the new collection, duly impressed by the company’s ongoing ability to embody absolute chillness one outfit at a time.

barney cools print half sleeve shirt

We loved everything we saw but as always there were some favorites. Among them was the VIP Bomber Army Jacket. Lined with flanno to provide extreme comfort on the inside while flaunting a distinctly sharp outward appearance, the bomber jacket exudes effortless style. It’s the kind of jacket people fall in love with for no reason other than the fact that it doesn’t make loud gestures. You want to be the first to own it because you know once you wear it out everybody will want one.

The next piece to catch our eyes and hearts was the grey/pink Homie Tee. Made of pure cotton, this oversized shirt is the epitome of identifiable, casual wear. Even if it didn’t have the words “B. Cools” splashed across the front, everything from the color scheme to the oversize look conjures an immediate association with the brand. Again, Barney Cools uses small details to make big statements, and sustains the party vibe through both name (this tee is in fact for the “homies”) and style.

The last piece we’ll mention is the Swim LS Tee Black. This long-sleeve swim shirt is deep black with a “B” emblem on the front and the words “Barney Cools” running down the sleeves. The Swim LS Tee Black was designed with both the customer base and the company mission in mind. They want clothing that invokes adventure and outdoor activity by combining a signature impression with functional garb. It’s a shirt that obliges you to run out and take a dive in the ocean or the nearest pool. All the designers ask is that you do it with a little character.
barney cools jacket

barney cools half sleeve t shirt


barney cools full sleeve black t shirt

Barney Cools has distilled the Australian experience into a wearable brand that’s casual and yet never without absolute singularity. There is no mistaking a Barney Cools tee or jacket thanks to the perfect fusion of style and buoyancy. It’s a company that asks you to stay rad and not get too overwhelmed by self-consciousness. Sure, they want you to dress well, but never at the expense of a great time. We couldn’t agree more.


men wearing barney cools t shirt and cap

men wearing barney cools short