Ball and Buck Delivers the Ultimate Active Jacket

The folks over at Ball and Buck asked themselves a simple question: what makes for the perfect outdoor jacket? True to their proactive sensibilities, the brand went ahead and created the answer, using the world’s best materials and a streamlined, minimalist design. The result is the Active Anorak, a lightweight, durable jacket that offers the utmost tier of form and functionality. Already well past its funding goal on Kickstarter, the jacket will soon be available to take on whatever adventure you can throw its way.

ball and buck active anorak sand

Over the last few years, Ball and Buck have earned themselves a loyal following by way of products like the original Anorak 2.0 Jacket, which offers thorough water resistance among other things. Meanwhile, the Active Anorak ups the ante by packing in even more utility. Thanks to the use of 4-Ply Nylon with Vapor Dry technology, the jacket is brilliantly lightweight, water repellant, and breathable. Also featured are an integrated storage sack, YKK hardware, a slew of pockets, a removable paracord, multi-use D-rings, velcro storm cuffs, and more.

ball and buck active anorak close up

Not only is the Active Anorak built to last, but its compact, roll-down design equates to effortless transport. Indeed, Ball and Buck spared no expense or idea when crafting this resilient outdoor wear. Throw it on (once it’s available, naturally) and give it your worst. That is, after all, what the jacket was designed for.

Check it out

ball and buck active anorak girl

ball and buck active anorak detail

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