Bamford Introduces the Leather Tool Kit—Everything You Need to Maintain Your Watch

If you own a watch, you will want to know what to do when it breaks. You’ll also want to have the correct tools for the job. London-based luxury watchmaker Bamford introduced a signature leather tool kit that includes everything that you need to maintain and make repairs to your watch.

It is obvious that Bamford used exquisite detail when assembling this handcrafted leather kit. Whether you are a watch enthusiast or a beginner, you will find all of the essential tools that are required to make simple watch repairs and maintain your timepiece. The precision screwdriver comes with several of the most commonly used heads. A pair of stainless steel tweezers will allow you to change even extra thin batteries, replace watch hands and assemble the watch. The fiberglass brush removes dirt and rust from surfaces. It is also great for polishing. Also included in this kit is a magnifying glass to make inspection easy.

All of the repair tools were chosen to be high-quality and durable. So, whether you need to remove a watch hand, change a battery, replace a watch crystal or make any other repair, this kit will get the job done. You can also count on it to last a long time.

The Leather Tool Kit comes in a convenient handcrafted leather carrying case to keep everything organized. The case also makes it easy to work on your watch anywhere that you want. Skip the trip to the jewelers and experience worry-free watch repair with the Leather Tool Kit.

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