Barney Cools “Bae of the Day” with Dominique

Barney Cools are kings of premium casual style who know how to put the “hot” in hot new items. By that we’re of course referring to their Bae of the Day: Dominique (Dom for short). A recent photoshoot featuring Dom has our mind in a tailspin. We’re trying to highlight some favorites among the brand’s newest offerings but our attention keeps getting diverted by the gorgeous, scantily clad Dom, who flaunts perfectly tan skin, a figure that’s both curvy and sporty, and big round eyes that could beckon from miles away.

dominique standing on the hill

Now what were we talking about? Right, Dominique. No, wait. We’re supposed to introduce some of our favourite items that she’s wearing. Got it. Focus. Focus. Okay, first up is B.Cools’ killer Grey Stripe Homie Tee. Made of pure cotton and sporting an oversize look, the tee is crisp and fresh like two rows of sparkling white teeth from a sexy model named Dom. Crap–we got distracted. Let’s try again. Next up is the B.Team Stringback Blue. This custom threaded cap has a straightforward clean vibe and looks absolutely wonderful atop a head of long, silky brown hair rustling lightly in the ocean breeze. Shoot–there we go again.

dominique wearing black lingerie

Last try. The Swim LS Tee Navy rocks a solid shade profile adorned with a signature emblem on the front and the words “Barney Cools” on the sleeves. It’s a great shirt for cooler weather conditions, or in this case the perfect thing to throw on while leaving your bikini bottom completely exposed for a gratuitous shot of your drool-inducing backside. That’s it. We give up.

Check it out

dominique wearing white t shirt

dominique wearing cap

dominique laughing

dominique standing on the stairs

dominique wearing white full sleeve shirt