Be Ready to Bust Myths with the Savage Industries EDC TWO

Adam Savage may not be busting myths anymore, but he’s still prepared to get things done with the Savage Industries EDC TWO. The EDC, or Every Day Carry, bag was inspired by the aluminum doctor’s bags that Savage built and used during his 15-year career in model making for the film industry. Neil Armstrong’s McDivitt “purse,” which he used on the moon mission to store Apollo hardware, also played a role in the EDC’s creation. The original bag was meant to be used for whatever you needed—a tool bag, a camera bag, even an overnight bag. The original EDC was made from recycled sailcloth in the US. The EDC TWO follows the same mold, but costs were driven down by making a few subtle changes. First, the EDC TWO is smaller—about 30 percent smaller. The bag is also made from one piece of fabric, instead of the five that were used for the first version. On the inside, there’s space for two pens instead of five. Finally, the shoulder strap was simplified. All of these changes made it so that the price could be dropped by 35 percent.

inside view savage bag

The EDC TWO is still made from upcycled and salvaged sailcloth, and it is durable and lightweight. The mouth is a wide spring, steel supported clamshell mouth and the base is reinforced with para-aramid synthetic fiber. The bag is machine washable and comes with a web strap.

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EDC two savage bag

back view ladies savage handbag

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