Be Stylish and Productive with Grovemades Pen and Stand Set

Pens are pretty simple implements. They’re just hollow sticks with ink in them that you use to write, so improving on that simplicity can be difficult. That might be why it took Grovemade four years to come up with their first ever Grovemade Pen and Stand Set.

Grovemade Pen

Grovemade’s pen is “a refined writing tool, and a modern take on the classic desk pen.” The all-metal body of the pen is completely seamless. Two flattened sides provide the grip, and because it is all metal, it has a comfortable weight and balance to make writing less cumbersome. The pen is activated by twisting the top, which can be done with just one hand. The pen has a satisfying pop that lets you know when the premium ink cartridge is in place. That cartridge also writes smoothly, helping you to focus on gathering your thoughts rather than on writing nicely.

Grovemade Pen inside the box

You can pick up the pen either as a separate piece, or you can purchase it with a walnut or maple stand. Using the stand will help to ensure that the pen is always right where you need it, and its classy design helps to dress up your workspace.

Grovemade Pen and Stand Set

The pen is made from a “billet”—a solid piece of metal. For their pens, Grovemade opted to use the Swiss Screw Machining method, which cuts the metal as it is fed out of the machine, rather than spinning the metal and cutting it on a lathe. Swiss Screw Machining results in a much more precise and accurate finish.

Grovemade Pen and Stand Set box

The pens come in either black or brass. Their elegant look will do wonders to dress up your desk—not to mention helping you to be more productive. The black pen sells for $60, while the brass pen sells for $80. The stand adds on another $30 for the black set and $40 for the brass set.

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Grovemade Pen place at the table