Beach, Board, Beers and Bather’s 2016 Resort Collection

Summer has arrived so it’s time for a new pair of boardies. The Resort Collection from Bathers channels a ‘stranded on a tropical island’ feel with hand-painted watercolour designs that create a hazy, textured appearance. Each of the new designs is available in Bather’s classic swim trunk fit that features 100% custom woven and dyed Nylon, elasticised waist, deep reinforced pockets and for the first time, chrome dipped brass drawstring tips.

bather palm tree short

This season’s collection features four new designs available in two colours each. The Saguaro Cacti, Monstera Leaves, Palm Tree and other unspecified leaf designs are each available in black or white. The cacti is the standout pair and you can grab them in sunset white or midnight black. The new range is but a small portion of Bather’s full collection of boardies made in Canada, but don’t hold that against them–just because it’s cold up there doesn’t mean Canadians don’t enjoy comfortable fitting pants or capturing those summer vibes.

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bather green new short bather palm tree short cream color

bather black short