Beckett Simonon Shoes

After being successfully noted as the “Warby Parker for shoes”, Beckett Simonon has returned, launching a premium line of shoes for the modern day gentleman. In response to overly-priced and inexpensive fast fashion shoe companies, the team behind Beckett Simonon aims to please the modern day young gentlemen through quality footwear, suiting their contemporary and sharp style, while not breaking the bank. Their solution is to completely cut out the middle man, and work hands on with each of their partners. Soles are enhanced by adding a cork midsole for a custom-like fit, allowing for a lightweight, durable and flexible structure. Ultra lightweight latex foam insoles have been added to give the wearer sneaker-like cushioning and support. The shoes are hand-finished and polished with a blend of shea butter and natural carnauba wax.

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