I Believe I Can Fly! Air Jordan XXXI from Nike

Grounded in a design that defied boundaries, the newest member of the Air Jordan family takes cues from the beginning of flight and the beginning of Jordan’s career. The classic red and black aesthetic was initially against the NBA dress code costing him a $5000 fine each time he wore them. Fusing this design with modernised features, the Air Jordan XXXI regenerates the notion of anti-conformity.

nike air jordan xxxi shoe feature

What looks like an ordinary sneaker, the Air Jordan XXXIs are described as anti-gravity machines. Not to be taken literally of course, but still as close as you can get to gravity defying footwear short of taking a job with NASA. The introduction of the FlightSpeed technology maximises air responsiveness for an explosive step while heel pods are present to ensure a safe, cushioned landing.

nike air jordan xxxi shoe red out sole

The seamless synthetic leather gradient merges with the flexible Flyweave design to ensure secure in-flight flexibility for the first time on an Air Jordan shoe. The instantly recognisable Air Jordan and Nike silhouettes are presented on the side while in extra-large letters spread right across the heel, is the message that Jordan chose to ignore all those years ago – BANNED. Defy all the rules for a weightless basketball game.

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