Bellroy’s New Phone Wallet United At Last

It’s 2016. Everyone has a smartphone. And for decades now, centuries even, everyone has had a wallet. Why not combine the two to make it easier to keep your most vital stuff together? Bellroy was wondering the same thing and decided to go ahead and make a new product which unifies the two, via the Bellroy Phone Wallet.

bellroy phone wallet in hand

The wallet has a sleek design that will probably look better than whatever your phone or wallet look like independently now. With sneakily great storage, you can slide two quick-access cards in the cover and stash three more cards behind your phone. The case can also transform into a stand if you want to watch some video – just flip the cover over, give your phone a firm press down and boom. It’s a stand. The Phone Wallet is a great convenience play for anyone looking to consolidate possessions.

Check it out

bellroy black phone wallet on the table bellroy light orange phone wallet and tea cup         bellroy phone wallet and visa card