Beltology Wants You to Finally Enjoy Wearing a Belt

Belts can be a great accessory to accent or complete any outfit, but there’s nothing worse than one that feels uncomfortable. If you feel restricted it can be hard to care about how great you might look. The team at Beltology, who may or may not be belt scientists, is on a mission to create a truly comfortable belt that everyone will want to wear for hours on end with no complaints.

Made in NYC, these belts have a key factor – they are built to stretch with your body. They are different from your traditional leather straps. They have no holes, as the prong passes smoothly through the webbing, allowing for a perfect fit. Beltology uses premium stretch webbing, top quality buckles & 100% genuine leather trims so that while they may not feel like a typical option, the styling is up to par. With all sorts of great color options available, these belts may be the answer to your discomfort woes.

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beltology belt design and metal buckles