INTERVIEW: Bespoke Corner 24/7 Traveling Tailor Hits Sydney

The Bespoke Corner is a Sydney-based private tailoring service which provides high quality, elegant garments to a unique clientele. They focus on building the relationship between tailor and client and creating an experience that exceeds all expectations that you would normally have from this type of a relationship. When you know your tailor, you can trust that your clothing will be created, curated, and altered just to your liking every time.

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bespoke corner is sydney based private tailoring service

The Bespoke Corner truly believes that being well dressed is essential to ensuring that your first impression is one which communicates your confidence in an immediate and lasting manner. After all, if you want to perform at the highest level as the ideal version of yourself, you must look the part. With Sports Jackets from $1500, Suits from $2200 and Trousers from $500, the service is surely a premium but the quality and experience you receive are second to none.

bespoke corner suits from 2200 dollars

Founder Miles Wharton is the man behind the whole thing and his passion shows through. Miles is one of the most stylish men on Instagram, and he wants this to be able to translate into his cherished clients. The theory for Miles is that their services should be readily available at all times – “If that means being available at midnight in Sydney when a client is waiting for the European stock exchanges to close, then so be it.”

bespoke corner suits are made from Italian fabrics

The suits are made from high-end Italian fabrics with every element made in Italy, specifically selected for the Australian climate. As well as performing fittings at customers’ own homes or workplaces, The Bespoke Corner offers access to its private member’s lounge in Potts Point, Sydney, offering customers a relaxed atmosphere to sit back and enjoy a whisky while choosing fabrics. The whole experience is wonderful and we were lucky enough to have an interview with Miles about his inspiration, his extensive knowledge of tailoring, and anything else on a style that may cross his mind. It’s a great read and one packed with valuable insights.

bespoke corner styling suits

We were lucky enough to sit down with Miles for a quick chat on what inspires him, his personal styling tips and how he got so many damn followers on Instagram.

What inspired you to start The Bespoke Corner?

We have always had an interest in the finer things in life with clothing playing a huge part. Appearance has a big part to do with the success of an individual and the way they are portrayed. After having a chat with an investment banker he told me how difficult it was for him to buy clothes as he never had the time to go out shopping and every tailor he used was still an inconvenience to his day so we created a 24/7 travelling tailor.

The aim of The Bespoke Corner was to create a job we loved, with an exclusive network that we would want to spend time with on a daily basis, helping them look and perform their very best.

bespoke corner styling suits making tools

What makes a great, no, phenomenal suit?

The most important part about making a phenomenal suit is the construction of the suit and the combination of finding the perfect fit and fabric for the occasion. The construction of the suit is extremely important, inside is more important than the outside. Making sure that the suit is canvased and not fuzed.

bespoke corner perfect fit suits

Cheaper suits tend to be fuzed which means that the chest and body area on the suit is technically glued on the inside not stitched by hand with a layer of canvas.

Fuzed suits tend to bubble after a few dry cleans and are more common to get damaged quicker. Then you have the lining, shoulder pads, lapel, fine stitching finishes inside and outside the suit, all these things add up when putting a suit on. Every little detail has a role to play in achieving the final, most comfortable and very satisfying result.

bespoke corner suits most comfortable

What are some common mistakes men make when getting their suits fitted?

If the suit is for work, the fabric and the cut needs to be comfortable and easy to wear every day. Mainly it goes back to the occasion, the suit needs to work for you and for what it is going to be used for! A common mistake that guys make is not getting a suit altered properly, the suit turns out looking too loose or in reverse way too tight where it becomes very uncomfortable to wear.

bespoke corner suits most comfortable and very satisfying

Are there any particular styles or fabrics that are running hot this summer? What colours should or readers be requesting at the tailor?

Yes, we have a new summer collection that just came out and it is running HOT. Colours are a personal choice, personally myself as a tailor, I look at clients and advise them on what colours may or may not suit them. A clients skin tone plays a big role, you do not want your client to look washed out in the wrong coloured suit. Summery colours are your lighter fresh ones, we can make suits in any colour but also personality and occasion play a big role. This is where we come in.

bespoke corner colored suits

With a whopping 66 thousand followers on your @mensfashionblogger Instagram account, what three tips you have for men to be successful on the platform?

  1. Content – Frequent content seems to be king you need to be posting at least once a day.
  2. Market – Pick your market and stick to it. Something we have changed a couple of times but more focused on the luxury end now.
  3. Timing – Look into where your following is based and make sure you post at a convenient time for them not for your location unless that is where you main following is from.
The Bespoke Corner

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