A Big Bearded Man Needs a Big Red Beard Comb

A big red beard needs a Big Red Beard Comb. Or a brown, black or blonde beard. Or a beard of any colour, the combs aren’t prejudiced it’s just a name. The Big Red Beard Comb came from necessity. The need for a comb that wasn’t crafted from flimsy plastic and doesn’t produce annoying static. Plus your typical plastic comb has no warmth or character.

women with his brown comb

Every Big Red Beard Comb is strong, flexible and beautifully crafted. Plus they have a tonne of character and come in many different styles. Do you prefer wood or metal? Cause they come in both. The long thick-teethed combs are perfect for the long bearded gentlemen. There’s a range of snap-close combs with leather cases that fit comfortably inside any pocket. Or if you prefer combs with handles they have them too. There’s even a Sailor Jerry styled comb for the spiced rum crowd. Choose your style, preferred wood grain and an engraved message if you want one. There’s never been this many options to personalise a comb.

some beard care products

The metal combs are machined from stainless steel and feature rosewood handles. Make sure to pick up some beard care products while you’re at it.

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