Bold and Beautiful – The Casio G-Shock MR-G Hammer Tone Watch

Casio’s G-Shock series has timepiece enthusiasts divided. Some think of the watches–which are built to fuse absolute function with ample style–as overly equipped with features and lacking in refinement. Others think they are the greatest watches ever made and the last ones you’ll ever need. With the limited edition G-Shock Hammer Tone (MRG-G1000HT), Casio so impressively embraces its commitment to durability and style that the timepiece might bring some converts over from the minimalist side of the fence. Of course, by the time they see the light the MRG-G1000HT will already be sold out. You snooze, you lose, bitches.

casio g shock mr g watch making

Seriously, though, for those who love their watch to be as much a tool as it is a fashion accessory, the MRG-G1000HT can really do no wrong. The “Hammer” in its name literally refers to the fact that the pattern adorning it was pounded out with a big hammer, drawing upon a Japanese technique called tsuiki. As a result the watch is strikingly beautiful and exceptionally resilient–the kind of timepiece people will kill for in the apocalypse because it will be one of the few that survived. There is genuine, unmistakable craft on display here.

casio g shock mr g watch side design

We’ll just throw some (as in not all) specs at you in no particular order because the watch is like a small arsenal of features unto itself: shock resistance, water resistance up to 200 M, Tough Solar, GPS receiver, sapphire glass for anti-glare, latitude indicator, LED display, timer, alarm clock, and the unmistakable hammer-design finish. For the case and bracelet, Casio used titanium, DLC coating and a deep layer hardening process to ensure durability and toughness. Oh, and it also tells the time.

casio g shock watch black

The MRG-G1000HT isn’t cheap, but few things worth clamoring over are. Plus, it’s easy to see where the money went. The watch is tough, dependable, stylish, and features a hammer-chiseled design elevating the level of craftsmanship into the stratosphere. Get the MR-G Hammer Tone before it’s gone (if it’s not gone already) and show the minimalists what a watch can really do.

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