The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Suit Online with Institchu

It takes a big leap of faith when first ordering and buying suits online. You’re not exactly sure what you’re going to get. There are worries about the sizing, the quality, the fit and the fabric, but we hear to guide you through the process. We let you know how to order a suit online with our good friends over at InStitchu.

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Who Are They? – InStitchu

In the five years since its debut in 2010, InStitchu has revolutionized purchasing your suit with a bespoke tailoring service that gives men what they’ve always wanted – a tailored suit for your specific body type for practically half the price. InStitchu is the brainchild of entrepreneurs and digital pioneers, Robin McGowan and James Wakefield, who decry off-the-rack fashion and believe your wardrobe deserves far better.

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It’s Hella Cheap – Benefits of Ordering a Suit Online

You can tell a man by his suit and InStitchu allows you to be the man you want to be, but at about half the price! Seriously, you’re in discount heaven and still get to benefit from insane customization options, free alterations, returns, a too-good-to-exist Suit Insurance policy and even a remake option. If you’re not getting the picture yet, InStitchu is all about getting you comfortable with the process. 

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But how are they so cheap? Traditional, off the rack suits from bricks and mortar stores, are manufactured in massive numbers but the retailers slap on a massive mark-up – sometimes as much as 500%. InStitchu has eliminated much of this mark-up by eliminating the costs of a store all together and sourcing direct from the tailors themselves.

tailor measuring up suit

Made to Measure – Measuring Up Your Suit

InStitchu gets you through the process of measuring yourself with the help of starter guides and printable forms that are basically foolproof. It comes with three sizing options: (i) standard sizes; (ii) matching your existing garment; or (3) tailoring to your body. If you go for the third option, you’ll need to make a booking with a stylist or personal tailor.  

sizing option

I am definitely not a tailor but I was able to easily measure up one of my best fitting suits with a simple tape measure and their easy to use guides. Once you’ve got your measurements, just enter them online and it’ll be there for you next time you need to make a purchase.

how to customize

How Easy Is It? – Ordering Process

It now takes me less than 10 minutes to order a new suit when needed (so long as I haven’t put on weight in certain areas!). All I need to do is choose the fabric and style I want, how many pairs of pants, and I’m good to go. You can of course make some customisations along the way.  The site lays everything plain and simple with large diagrams and pop-up boxes that clarify every step. If you know what you want, boom, clap and you’re done.

custom suit

Add Some Flare – Customising Your Suit

What we utterly love about InStitchu is the freedom to fully express your personal style. We’re talking serious flare, son. From monograms and stitching to contrasting fabric, you own every piece of your suit. If you would like to alter an existing garment to suit your taste, then simply visit their Collections Page, select the Product, click ‘View Detail’ and then ‘Start Customising’.

If you have any special requirements you can just send them an email and they’ll liaise with you to get you sorted.

tips to look out for suit

Be Careful – Tips To Look Out For

Know your fabrics and know what looks good on you, mates. While the Perfect Fit Guarantee covers all your bases when it comes to touch-ups and alterations, it’s a shame to return a suit for a remake (a *free* remake from scratch, if we may add), because you made a poor choice. Do your homework before you order.

Just in case you are still worried, we’ve copied InStitchu’s Perfect Fit Guarantee for you below to put you are ease:

“All of our orders are covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee. Our Perfect Fit Guarantee, in simple, ensures that in all circumstances, we will strive to ensure that you receive a “perfect fit”. If in circumstances, where adjustments are needed:

* Purchase our $25 Suit InSurance and we’ll cover up to $100 of your alterations with equivalent store credit! We’ll also update your measurements so all of your future orders are made using those adjustments.

* If you have not purchased our $25 Suit InSurance, we will still cover up to $50 of alterations with equivalent store credit!

* If you are still not 100% satisfied with the fit of your garments and feel that they can’t be altered, check out our Deliveries & Returns Page for more information.”

the verdict suit

Give It A Go – The Verdict

Get the suit you’ve been dreaming for and eliminate the pain of trying on suit after suit, only to be left paying thousands of dollars. It doesn’t matter where you live thanks to the killer international shipping option. The question isn’t whether you should try InStitchu, but why you haven’t already.

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