Capeland Shelby Cobra Limited Edition Watch is Made for Racing

We love a good watch, and even better is a limited edition release. This allows the designers to truly explore what they are interested in and what they can do by pushing the boundaries of design. The new limited edition release of the Capeland Shelby Cobra watch has two great options for watch lovers and casual enthusiasts alike. While both come at a hefty price, the full package and presentation justifies the tag.

capeland shelby cobra high touch close up

The Capeland Shelby Cobra M0A10282 is the first of the two models and it comes in hot. Featuring a black alligator strap with yellow rubberized calfskin lining, this timepiece is as luxurious as it is rugged. There will only be 1963 pieces worldwide, so they’re not messing around with this LE release. The second option is just as impressive as the first, with some notable design differences. The Shelby Cobra M0A10281 (note the number difference) has a similar appearance, however it features a polished/satin finished ADLC steel and vulcanized black rubber, finished off nicely with a yellow loop.

This one also will only be offered in 1963 models worldwide. Both versions look great, are made at the highest level of quality, and self-wind – a great overall package.

capeland shelby cobra gas cap