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Chanel Debuts $3,650 Pearl Necklace AirPods Case

Some people may suggest spending $3,500 on a Chanel AirPod case isn’t the most economical of purchases. However, what if we told you that this AirPod case doubles as a pearl necklace? Now that’s a two-for-one accessory that just screams value! Regardless of your opinion, you can’t deny their incredible “flex appeal” for the more stylish among us.

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Image: Chanel

Chanel has created a new home for your precious pods, and few will even recognise it dangling around your neck. This luxurious fashion négligée features a glossy black, bevelled case, and of course the famous double “C” logo encrusted with rhinestones. The extra-long chain is composed of glass pearls with added lambskin leather and metal links for comfort around your neck.

Let’s be real, to purchase security worth 20 times more than the actual earbuds themselves is a baller move. So we won’t bore you with attempting to justify the USD$2,675 (AUD$3,500) price tag. What you’re paying for is those two “Cs” and the ultimate ostentatious statement piece.

If you own the latest edition AirPod Pro’s, you’ll have to settle for the necklace in a cream colour. However, if the price or palette isn’t to your liking, Chanel does offer something somewhat more affordable. You can grab cases in the style of one of their iconic bags made from quilted calfskin leather, or for those more colourful, they have created several embroidered necklace cases, similar to their handbags. For those with the cash, head over to Chanel to purchase one of these luxury earbud cases.

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Chanel AirPods

Image: Chanel

Chanel AirPods

Image: Chanel


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