Charles Simon Briefcase Sets a New Look for Luggage

Charles Simon is what happens when friends get together, and their new briefcase shows what can come about when friends put their heads together.

Charles Simon Briefcase is handmade

The company was founded by Charles G. Tremblay and Simon Maltais. As friends in university, the pair won several major awards at engineering competitions. After their time at university, they went their separate ways—Charles to a career in aeronautics and management and Simon into aerospace engineering. But fate didn’t keep the two friends apart for long. They reunited to form Charles Simon. Based out of Montreal, the company is reinventing the way people travel by releasing unique pieces of luxury luggage. One such piece is their Mackenzie briefcase.

Charles Simon Briefcase

Just like they do for their other pieces of luggage, Charles Simon uses reclaimed timber logs to build the briefcase. The wood pairs with aluminum and carbon fiber to form the base of the case and to provide a special aesthetic that is unique to Charles Simon. The panels of the briefcase are covered in young bull leather, which is also used inside to provide a soft surface for the items you’re carrying in a briefcase. The case features a fixed handle made of aluminum and wood. The handle also has a combination lock to keep your items secure. The briefcase measures 41 cm x 27 cm x 7 cm, and is large enough to fit a 13-inch laptop. The briefcase comes in four colors—black, blue, dark grey, and navy. You can also request a bespoke briefcase. Each briefcase is handmade, so it will be unique even from other Mackenzie briefcases. To make the cases even more unique, Charles Simon engraves a serial number and the owner’s name onto the case, which means that “each case is as unique as a fingerprint.”

Charles Simon inside look on the Briefcase

The briefcase is priced at $11,975. Charles Simon also offers a carry-on luggage and a rolling luggage.

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Charles Simon Briefcase covered in young bull leather

Charles Simon Briefcase handle