Check the Technique – Olivers Fall City Essentials

The New Fall City Essentials from Olivers was designed with the modern go-getter at heart. Consisting of a Porter Hoodie, Porter Crewneck and Passage Pant the three-part kit personifies a dreamy pairing of quality and flexibility. These custom threads are as versatile as the ambitious young men wearing them.

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No contemporary male closet is complete without a signature hoodie or two (or ten) and for that Olivers has you duly covered. The new Porter Hoodie is made primarily of Merino Wool with a touch of spandex for some luxurious breathability. It comes in the bold monochromatic colours of graphite or smoke and is tailored with an athletic cut for some next-level dynamism. Throw this baby on for wherever your day may take you and you won’t lose a single step. The Porter Crewneck uses the same material composite as the hoodie to achieve the very same level of moisture control, comfort and effortless style.

olivers fall city essentials men sitting

Rounding out the collection is the new slim cut Passage Pant. Made of nylon and spandex and held together by abrasion resistant CORDURA threads, the Passage Pant is the essence of wearable freedom. Expect a perfect fit that leaves plenty of breathing room where it counts. Take the garment outside in the rain and watch those water pellets slide off the nylon like tiny marbles sliding off glass. Put simply, the New Fall City Essentials offers nothing but the best in premium casual style.

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