Christian Kimber’s New Collection of Shoes Evokes Melbourne

Christian Kimber is an Australian brand which sells all sorts of stylish, high quality menswear. Kimber himself grew up in England and learned the ropes in the hub of London, driving an early passion for men’s fashion. Through this experience, he developed a deep understanding of the quality and beauty of classically constructed shoes and wanted to find a way to make them accessible to guys everywhere. Over time the site has expanded to feature more diverse offerings, including clothing and accessories.

christian kimber collection shoe feature

The new Federation Square Collection goes back to the roots, with a series of shoes inspired by a set of buildings in Melbourne. Known as Federation Square, Kimber felt that the buildings were a great inspiration for a collection. The design “adapts to the environment, but doesn’t quite yet fit in with the other buildings around it.” This message comes through in the shoes, as they are subtle, yet will stand out as a piece of any outfit. Featuring trainers, high-tops, low-tops and loafers, there’s a great deal of diversity within the collection.

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christian kimber collection shoe grey and light blue

christian kimber collection shoe design

christian kimber collection shoe white

christian kimber collection shoe toe