The Classic Air Force 1 Gets A Special Makeover

As a sneakerhead myself, the Air Force 1 is an all-time classic sneaker. Earlier this month, Nike unveiled its new Special Field Air Force 1.

nike air force 1 shoe feature

Designed for urban utility, this is the ideal winter sneaker that incorporates premium full grain leather, ripstop ballistic nylon, hidden espionage tongue storage and new interwoven and adjustable ankle straps. The biggest eye opener for you right now reading this is the storage component. And you did read that correctly, these shoes can store some small essentials like folded notes or your keys.

nike air force 1 shoe sole

It released in two men’s colourways – Faded Olive/Gum and Black/Gum and two women’s colourways – Light Bone/Sail and Golden Beige/Linen.

nike air force 1 shoe white

I know we are heading into summer here, but for any international readers or locals heading abroad, this one is for you. Or you and your bae can pick these up to rock in the colder months next year.

Check it out

nike air force 1 shoe original brand