Classic Omega 18k Gold Watch

Omega are a watch brand with an unparalleled pedigree and it’s not very often that you come across a timepiece from their back catalogue that has such an interesting backstory as this, frankly stunning, 18k Gold Vintage Omega watch pictured above. Left in a safety deposit box for over six decades by famed watch designer Gerald Genta, this spectacularly stylish watch will make the perfect addition for any man after a watch that will be entirely different from anything that their peers boast. The timepiece is from around 1958 and remains in exceptional condition due to the fact it hadn’t seen the light of day for nearly 60 years. Looking distinctly like the sort of watch that could reside on the wonderfully tailored cuff of Don Draper, you’ll likely to heads aplenty with this painfully stylish watch. A one in a million luxury timepiece that truly showcases why Omega are one of today’s most popular and revered high-end purveyors of watches.

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