Cobba Shorts – Stylish Armour for the Urban Warrior

In collaboration with Cobba

Are you a man whose daily active lifestyle takes him as near as the local gym or as far as the furthest corners of the world? Do you work hard, play hard and look good? Do you stay in shape, keep pace with the latest trends, always have one finger on the pulse of the city, eat well, drink well, sleep well and dress well? If so, then you’re an urban warrior. You live to live. Does that make sense? If you’re an urban warrior it does.

urban warrior black cobba sports

As an urban warrior, you have a deep love for versatile gear and clothing that like you can adapt to any situation, any environment, any task and any adventure. Well, have we got a pair of shorts for you. They go by the name Cobba and they’ve already soared past their goal on Kickstarter, however that’s merely one among the brand’s many achievements.

urban warrior navy blue cobba shorts

Cobba shorts are like something out of your wildest fantasies, which is quite a triumph considering you would never really fantasize about a pair of shorts. Imagine a cross between dress shorts and athletic shorts and you’re getting close. Think of them as the last pair of shorts you’ll ever need to buy and you’re getting closer. They last long, look good and wick away liquids like wiping dust off a smooth surface.

men walking on the road wearing cobba shorts

The specs on Cobba shorts run laps around the competition. For starters they’re made using silver-infused, liquid resistant stretch fabric materials. That equates to a pair of shorts that last for up three weeks without needing to be washed, dry remarkably fast when you do wash them, deflect liquids (booze, coffee, sweat, etc) like Superman deflects bullets and remain exceptionally comfortable no matter what the circumstance. That’s right, thanks to the use of 360-degree stretch fabric your boys will be happier than they’ve ever been, and when we say “your boys” we’re not talking about the group of guys you hang out with.

red color cobba shorts

However, for all of Cobba’s versatile and sporty charms the shorts don’t spare one iota of style. In other words, they look damn good. You can throw them on and hit the gym and then wear them to happy hour without losing a beat. They bring a new level of meaning to the idea of “everyday shorts”. Heck, these are “everywhere” shorts because there’s really no activity, place or circumstance where they won’t look great.

cobba shorts handy key pocket

As if comfort, liquid resistance, visual flair and innovative stay-fresh capabilities weren’t enough, Cobba squeezed even more optimisation into their sleek, dynamic apparel. The waistband employs a material called AptGrip that keeps the waist secure and thereby eliminates dreaded plumber’s crack every time you bend over. The shorts are also equipped with concealed pockets to hold things like your phone, keys, credit card and other essentials. At the end of the day Cobba has managed to pack 11 features into a pair of shorts, which is like 9 features more than what we’re used to seeing.

cobba shorts on the bed

For an extra touch of customisation, Cobba shorts come in choice of two sizes (mid length or knee grazer) and three colours (Redford Red, Cobain Blue and Manson Black). It doesn’t get much more functional than this, folks. Now all that’s left is for you to ask yourself one question: “Am I an urban warrior?” If the answer is “yes” then gear up in style, buy a pair of Cobbas, seize the day and never have to worry about finding another pair of shorts again.