Coldsmoke Urbanises the Classic MA-1 Bomber Jacket

Coldsmoke’s MA-1 bomber reinvents the classic military jacket, urbanising it for the non-militarised individual. This slimmer design features a tailored hem, polished graphite zipper and Japanese made water repellent flight cloth to protect the wearer against the elements. Don’t worry; Coldsmoke has not shunned away from the jacket’s military origins. The Polartec Alpha insulation that’s fitted for extra protection was created for use in Special Forces gear, allowing the jacket to adapt to a broad range of activities and environments without the wearer having to shed or add layers. They haven’t forgotten your neck either. You can flip up the custom knit and dyed collar for extra protection.

coldsmoke urbanises ma 1 bomber jacket black

The large arm pocket of the classic MA-1 has been streamlined to a single water-repellent zippered opening and added an internal media pocket with a convenient headphone port. The result is a comfortable jacket that will serve the needs of urban dweller looking to honour a classic style of clothing. Available in three colours: Asphalt, Navy and Milspec olive. The MA-1 is made in California.

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coldsmoke urbanises ma 1 bomber jacket inside pocket