Connect with the Past Using the Sleek Wedgewood SR-71 Blackbird Ring

Wedgewood rings have brought out the new SR-71 Blackbird ring. So named because the metal element of the ring is actually the melted down ejector nozzle of an SR-71 Blackbird. Loosely inspired by the Wedgewood’s Deck Tear ring, a commission project was behind the original conception of the idea. The wood element of the ring is similarly based on the recycled deck of the USS North Carolina (BB-55), made from Teak wood. The ship in question was part of every Pacific naval engagement during WWII. The ship collected 15 battle stars to become one of the most highly decorated ships. The Teak wood required to construct a naval ship decking is of extremely high quality and rare to obtain. Whatever original material was left over after refurbishment was snapped up by obscure sources, some of which had now brought you this ring.

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