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Komono Watch – Winston Blue Cognac

10 Cool Watches Under $200

This is a guest post from HisPotion.com.

The watch is the single piece of jewelry a man should wear beside maybe the engagement ring. It’s always cool to spend a bit more on a watch than you do on other accessories, but when the budget’s low, you can still get a great looking timepiece without spending a small fortune. Here are 10 cool watches for under $200.

Armani Exchange Bracelet Watch

Because no other color will ever really beat black in fashion, they all come and go, but you will never go wrong with black. A simple yet pretty stylish timepiece from Armani. $180

Tommy Hilfiger Round Silicone Strap Watch

Going sportier, but doing it in style with a cool one from Tommy Hilfiger. Made of stainless stell, this 46mm case comes with bold indexes and a branded minute track. $135 

Ted Baker London Multifunction Leather StrapWatch

ted baker london multifunction leather strap watch

With a nice color combination, you’ll stand out from the crowd with this leather strap Ted Baker watch. $165 

DIESEL ‘Master Chief’ Chronograph

diesel master chief chronograph

Diesel is a well known brand for the modern man. If you want to keep up with the curent trends, this heavy-weight industrial design chronograph will do just right. $180 

G-Shock X-Large Rose Gold

g shock x large rose gold

Every man should own a G-shock, and this one here looks even better than the “usual” one. Shock and water resistant, let it guard your wrist while you’re swimming, climbing, or doing any kind of extreme sports. $130 

Tommy Hilfiger Round Leather Straped

tommy hilfiger round leather strap

A classic watch with a cool color combination that will look fine both with a sport or casual outfit. $145

Komono Magnus Woodsmand

komono magnus woodsmand

A true modern black hands on black dial minimalist watch with a Buffalo check-printed strap. $100

Skagen Multifunction Titanium

skagen multifunction titanium

Yet another moren watch, from Denmark. The black titanium case works very well with the blue multifunction dial that displays day, date and time. $195 

Keneth Cole New York

keneth cole new york

A Cleanly styled watch featuring a brilliant white dial framed by a slender stainless steel circle and a sleek leather strap. $150 

Ziiiro Celeste Mono

ziiiro celeste mono watch

This is a stand-out, cool looking watch. Its new and unique design will surely turn heads. $182 
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