Critical Slide Society Collection Shot by Seb Zanella

Describing itself as a “slippery little creature”, The Critical Slide Society is a tried and true passion project born from a love of surf here in Australia and in the USA as well. The brand has grown to become a premier destination for the best in beachwear and accessories, however it remains far more than just a place to shop for “tees and trunks”. TCSS is also still a spiritual hub celebrating the best in all things sand and surf and the perennial search for the next great pipeline.

Having developed from an alternative haven for surfers into a legitimate full blown (though still privately owned) brand, TCSS recently unveiled its first ever global collection: Half-Tone. Accompanying the release of their newest gear and clothing is a stunning photo shoot by French photographer Seb Zanella. Because we have a mutual bromance thing going with TCSS they were even kind enough to share some pictures from the shoot that are exclusive to our site so please enjoy the photos here with relish because you won’t find them elsewhere.

critical slide society half sleeve shirt

The photo shoot, like the brand itself, is the epitome of surfing as more than a hobby or sport, but as a lifestyle and way of being. Young, attractive surf dogs roam the streets and beaches of a French coastal town, adorned in TCSS garb with their boards in hand and nothing on their minds but the nearby waves. From the Half-Tone collection, expect some brilliant and creative new designs as well as some reinventions of the TCSS classic style. The Critical Slide Society truly does Australia proud so check them out as soon as you can.

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critical slide society printed shirt back side

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