Dare to be Different – Coutié Oil Wash Chinos

Denim is about as mainstream as fabric can get. It’s everywhere and worn by everyone. In your search for individuality, you want quality and something that looks good but is also not worn by every lad on the street. Coutié dared to be different and made it easy for you by creating unique clothing that you won’t see five times a day. Their panelled ankle zip Chinos might be the answer to your problems. The chinos feature oil washed earthy colours that suit any situation.

oil wash chinos ash color

The chinos are constructed from premium lightweight stretch-cotton that has a suede-like finish for that refined look that we know you’re all about. Paneled throughout the legs to create a subtle symmetrical design and tapered to fit the shape of your body. Hidden YKK-Zippers line the inner leg openings to make it easier for you to channel those summer vibes. They are also machine wash safe, so there’s no need to store them in the freezer. The Coutié oil washed chinos are available in both beige and grey.

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oil wash chinos available in both beige