Deadstock Alive and Kicking in J.P.L.C’s Special Fabrics Series

Deadstock, a buzz-word favoured by modern day vintage style authorities, can be a bit of an ambiguous term. Referring to items that were never sold, removed from the shelves and placed into storage (often with their original tags) only to be discovered years later, they are generally by this stage ‘vintage’ and hence stylish, despite their lack of consumer interest many years prior.

deadstock j p l c bag style

Usually, this means a high-price tag for the lucky chap who’s happened upon some original wartime denim daks, but can also refer to the original fabric stock (some of which is highly sought after as it just doesn’t get made anymore), meaning a win for designers who get their hands on the stuff. One such company are the J. Panther Luggage Co. (or J.P.L.C), who have released their Special Fabrics Series, comprising their well-known pre-1960s construction methods designed to stand the test of time and then some, and some beautiful vintage fabric stock.

deadstock j p l c bag zipper

Like all J.P.L.C bags, they’re designed to improve with age, so what better material to use than fabric that’s already made it this far? This is vintage, but born again and well worth the investment.

deadstock j p l c bag side

deadstock j p l c bag black handle