This Demin Label is (One) of No Equal

Denim is one of the most popular materials in the world. Fashion house (One) Of No Equal gets that. They have an innate love of denim and a deep desire to produce the perfectly fitting pair of jeans. With a strong personal history and appreciation of the aesthetics that make each pair of jeans unique, they have spent years perfecting their brand. Each pair of jeans is crafted using t400 fabric that helps retain shape and allows the fabric to conform to different body shapes for the perfect fit. A welt seam construction is used wherever possible, which gives extra strength and durability.

denim materials  fashion house

The men’s 2016 winter collection features a diverse range of styles and fits that will cater to every taste. The Axel in midnight black is Of No Equal’s signature skinny fit, while the Luxe in vintage dust is their take on the classic blue style. Ransom is a slim fitting pair with the knee-cut design, and if you feel like rocking out in double denim, then the Saga-classic blue shirt is for you. Their collection also features many more designs, plus bags, aprons and an extensive range of women’s clothing.

Of No Equal incorporates the highest quality craftsmanship, state of the art, environmentally sustainable wash techniques and premium base fabrics to create a denim brand that delivers a superior finish and of course the perfect fit. This is why they are named (One) Of No Equal.