digby & iona signet rings

Digby & Iona Signet Rings

Although the age of kings has passed some traditions never die. Digby & Iona released some wicked and rugged signet rings by taking an ancient shape and giving it a classically cool spin with three unique designs. The ‘All men must die’ signet is very Game of Thrones like and features a crow picking on a skull. The ‘Behold the ende’ signet is a working wax seal ring and comes with one stick of red Herbin sealing wax. Fit for a king and the skull can come in an optional 14K gold. Last but not least the ‘Ouroboros’ signet has a 14K gold snake inserted into the top and the words ‘Hen to Pan’ translates to ‘One is the all’. All rings are made from solid oxidized sterling silver.

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