Discover Yourself at The Dappertude Melbourne

If you’re a warm blooded male looking for tips on our how to dress better and live a life full of confidence, we might succinctly point you you in one direction: Dappertude. And what exactly is Dappertude, other than a clever combination of the words “dapper” and “attitude”? It’s a proud, bold declaration made by young, modern gentlemen–men who have to come to realize you don’t need to have a million bucks in the bank just to look and live like you do.

Dappertude begins with clothing, but extends to everything from gear to grooming to mannerisms. It thereby represents the broader notion that lifestyle is an art form, and that appearance and behaviour are palpable modes of expression. A true Dapper Gent is in it first and foremost to build upon his own identity and take the utmost pride in his appearance. Whatever follows will surely be rewarding, but the most substantial reward is that you’ve found a solid foundation by which to express yourself as an individual with taste.

johnny li of dappertude organise event

Like any movement worth pursuing, Dappertude is a little instinct paired with a lot of guidance. That’s why leading gents like Johnny Li of Dappertude organise events such as the one coming up in Melbourne. The previous event was an absolute blast and this one will be just as awesome to say the least. For anyone even slightly interested in cultivating his personal style, attendance at The Dappertude Melbourne should seriously be mandatory.

On hand will be a slew of young men at various stages of Dapper development, novices and experts alike with not an ounce of judgment passed between them. There will be a raffle with giveaways from brands like George & King and Calvin Klein. Also, each guest will receive a complimentary goodies bag with over $100 worth of products and discounts inside it.

More than giveaways and goodies bags, however, The Dappertude Melbourne is about education, communication and inspiration. Leading the event are seasoned Dapper Gents who will help you better understand why things like the right customised suit matters, and the right gear matters, and grooming matters. These men will answer all the questions you can throw at them.

gentlemen there to network and learn

Flanking you on all sides will be other gentlemen there to network and learn. Together you will drink, eat, converse, partake in a street style photo shoot, and find both strength and creativity in numbers. However, while the pervading spirit is one of solidarity, at the end you will walk away an inspired individual pursuing a singular mode of expression. Ultimately, you are your own artist and canvas alike, but first you must learn young sensei, first you must learn…

Buy tickets here and have your life changed.

The Dappertude Melbourne
Collins Quarter, 86A Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Saturday April 29 2017 9:00 AM – 2:45 PM AEST

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