Ditch Leather With Dosh’s Advanced Wallets

Dosh is a design led company who through its passion for design have create a range of wallets that are quite different than your traditional leather getup. Rather, these wallets are made of advanced polymers in place of leather to maximize comfort and functionality for those who wish to be a bit more ergonomic in their ways. And you can be funny and refer to them as “rubber for your paper,” so that’s always a good thing. There are a few different options on their site, for all sizes of bills and the like. What it really comes down to is the rubber composition, which is very impressive and unique. It feels good, holds a small form and has a nice, minimalist appearance that anyone can appreciate.

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dosh is a design wallets

dosh wallets inside

dosh wallet which is very impressive and unique

dosh wallet always a good thing

dosh wallet holds dollars