Dressing to the Nines With Sam Wines

In an age where Instagram sensations become our daily trendsetters, none have done quite as well in Oz as our current subject – model and self-styled guru of all that’s right in the men’s wardrobe department, 23 year old Sam Wines. His blog Man of Style is one of the most respected in the country and his many followers on the ‘gram are growing by the day, eagerly awaiting to see his next tailored suit or the latest tie & hanky combination.

He’s become a doyen of all that is edgy in the way of men’s outfitting and works with brands that share the same insight into how men can look better when they get dressed in the morning, every day. Whether it’s a lunch affair at the polo or a cocktail-inspired night on the town, the jet-setting Sam’s outfits have earned him a deserved reputation of ‘trend setter’, and with good reason.

We caught up with Sam to see what goes on behind the scenes of his fast-growing, social media driven empire of success.

Favourite thing in your wardrobe?
My Double Breasted Pin-Stripe suit from Hermen Menswear. Its a custom MTM with some seriously wide lapels – an absolute winner! 

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t take modelling too seriously – it’s only fashion right?

Your worst fashion faux pas?
Probably when I used to wear bright blue espadrilles with skinny jeans and a blue flannel shirt to match in high school.  On the plus side at least I was into my colour coordination at an early age! 

sam wines instagram model

What’s at the top of your bucket list?
To travel and model in Europe. Luckily for me I’ll be heading over next month! 

Your most hated current style trend?
Hate is a pretty strong word when it comes to fashion, I think things I may not like can still look amazing on other people. I guess that’s what is so good about the current fashion landscape, practically anything goes these days! 

sam wines instagram wearing blue suit

What are three things you can’t live without?
Sadly my phone, secondly my kindle and finally some good music. 

What’s your number one style hero?
I don’t have one style hero per se, I draw inspiration from so many different people most of which aren’t noteworthy in the fashion scene some of whom are just random passers by that I see in day to day life.

Any guilty pleasures?
Chocolate, and lots of it! 

sam wines instagram wearing white dress

You want to wear a suit but you also want to relax – what’s the best way to look dapper for a day by the sea?
Linen blazer and some crisp white chinos.

Flight, or invisibility?
Flight for sure, being invisible in my industry probably wouldn’t confer any benefits!

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