Dunhill Introduces Stunning Wave Collection

Luxury brand Dunhill has been defining masculine British elegance for over a century. Their business essentials, leather goods and fashion accessories are made with the utmost attention to craft and design. To put it another way: if you own a Dunhill product, you’re doing something right. If not, consider hopping on board with the new Dunhill Wave Collection.

dunhill wave japanese craft and design

Inspired by Dunhill’s historical love affair with 20th century Japanese craft and design, the Wave Collection is the quintessence of minimalist allure. The new line of accessories includes a tiebar, pen and cufflinks. Each product is bolstered by a signature wave pattern that’s as subtle as it is profound. The pattern itself was plucked from Dunhill’s own archives, where it was discovered on a lighter.

dunhill wave tiebar

On the tiebar, that brilliant wave pattern is joined by a silver finish and crocodile closure mechanism. The rectangular cufflinks couple the distinct wave pattern with an ‘AD’ motif in gothic font and Dunhill’s longtail logo at the rear. Capping things off (no pun intended) is an extraordinary ballpoint pen made of 100% brass. It too flaunts the delicate wave pattern as it joins Dunhills ‘Sidecar’ family of writing instruments. Additional features include a bombe clip, black resin fabrication and flourishes of pink gold plating. The pen opens courtesy of a twist moving mechanism.

dunhill wave pen

The Wave Collection screams refinement and works best as a unit. That is to say, if you’re going to drop the cash on one piece, you might as well get them all.

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