En Vogue – MR. PORTER Launches PRADA Ready-to-Wear Collection

Fashion retail hub MR. PORTER just injected a ton of style and clout into it’s already highly reputable portfolio by bringing Italian powerhouse designer PRADA into the fold. Wow. This is like peanut butter meeting jelly for the first time in a world where peanut butter is the most sought after delicacy among foodstuffs. Fine, that was a bad analogy. It’s like…uhhh…well it’s awesome is what we’re trying to say. Not only does this mark the collaboration of two brilliant forces within the fashion industry, it’s also the first time that PRADA’s Ready-To-Wear Collection will be available online, period.

mr porter slim bodied actor tom hughes

The new launch was accompanied by a stellar marketing campaign featuring handsome, slim-bodied actor Tom Hughes, who sports haunting gazes and some killer menswear against various backdrops. In regards to the new collection, Hughes said the following, “Well, I’m a black-jeans-white-T-shirt-boots man, but I found that it pushed me to a place I don’t normally go. Well-made clothes drag you up to their standards. You can’t be a Northern slouch.”

mr porter wool sweater

We can already hear the furious clicking on laptops across the globe as millionaires and gurus alike skip out on work to spend all day online. After all, when it comes to fashion it doesn’t get much better than PRADA, and MR. PORTER is quite simply the perfect place to hunt down the latest and greatest in luxury wear.

mr porter hughes

We’ll let MR. PORTER’s Managing Director Toby Bateman sum things up in his own words: “We are truly excited to be able to bring the complete world of PRADA menswear to MR PORTER. PRADA holds such a unique place in the world of menswear, creating countless iconic and classic pieces men can enjoy for years to come, as well as always producing inspiring seasonal runway collections.”

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