Five Men’s Trunks For The Californian Summer

Memorial Day is right around the corner and the pools are about to be open for business. And while you’ve been dodging the gym all year long-breaking every new year resolution vow- it’s time to bite the bullet and do a quick cardio work out, grab some trunks and hit the beach. And while we can’t magically help you lose 25 pounds, we can help you choose the right swim trunks that will help draw attention away from the belly and more towards the waist.

H&M Floral Trunks

Nothing says “I’m on vacation; leave me the hell alone” like a pair of Hawaiian floral print trunks. Probably the most common print you see when it comes to male swim trunks, floral prints is classic like orange juice and vodka-H&M has the perfect Hawaii print trunks to kick off your summer. The swim shorts feature an elasticized drawstring waistband and side pocket with mesh liner shorts. Made with 100% polyester, you can get your hands on a pair here. Vacation sold separately


Zara Camouflage Swim Trunks

Who said camo is limited to just jackets and pants? This summer, keep you style intact by sporting a pair of stylish camo shorts that’s cool enough to wear outside the beach. The trunks are 100% polyester with an elasticized waistband with adjustable drawstring with two front hand pockets. If Rambo took a day off, we’d like to think these are the trunks he would lounge around in. This summer, ditch the dull and redundant swim trunks and switch it up for something bolder and richer. Head over to Zara to grab a pair in your size-while supplies last.


J.Crew ColorblockTrunks

So, you’re looking for something more conservative and preppy? Not to worry, we have you covered thanks to the good people over at J.Crew. One thing we need to stress when it comes to swim trunks is the fit. For the last few years, longer swim trunks have been the trend-leaving the short fit slightly short of being obsolete, but J.Crew has done a great job at creating a slim fitting swim short that fits your body at the perfect length without the sagging. Made out of quick drying nylon with a breathable mesh lining, the trunks feature an interior draw-cord with slanted pockets, an interior draw cord with an extended tab waistband with zip fly. More suited for the country club or pool party at the Hamptons, these trunks can easily be dressed up for the beach or a cool night on the town.


Ralph Lauren Seersucker Traveler Trunk

If beaches aren’t your thing, you can always opt for a boat cruise this summer that’s just as wavy. The Ralph Lauren travel anchor trunks are the perfect trunks to travel the seven seas in thanks to the nylon/cotton material and signature play tree logo patch at the back. Paired perfect with a polo shirt (obviously) and boat shoes, these trunks are the perfect companion for those who want to bring out their inner sailor.


Diesel Reef-30-E Shorts Caik

Kanye might have been the first person to bring the leather jogger to Fendi, but you can be the first to break out the leather swim trunks at the beach this summer. And feel free to go on a rant while wearing these, too. The diesel swim trunks features a faux leather look with stud accents at the sides, adjustable drawstrings, as well as zippered hand pockets to protect your items while you hit the waves. Even though these look appealing on the eyes, you might get your buns toasted in these on a 90 degree day, but then again-that’s why you’re at the beach in the first place.


Whether you’re surfing, swimming, or just patrolling the beach this summer, turn the boardwalk into a runway with these stylish swim trunks.