Fury Are the Most Ostentatious Suits Out There

His name is Roberto Malizia, but you might currently know him best by his Instagram handle: @this.is.malice. Indeed, since arriving in Australia from Italy, Malizia has wasted no time in making a name for himself as a social media influencer with an absolutely distinguished fashion sense. Now, he and his team are taking that signature style to the next logical place, and unleashing Fury, a striking line of men’s suits (which has its own respective Instagram page). Having interviewed Malizia previously, we would expect nothing less from this one-of-a-kind personality. Put simply, these are the most ostentatious suits you can find anywhere. And we mean that in the best way possible.

fury suits two gents

Malizia’s passion for fashion began with his love of film, namely violent arthouse movies. Think Pulp Fiction, Wild at Heart, and Bad Lieutenant and you have a good idea of what he gravitates toward. But Malizia and his team take that love of cinema one step further by reinterpreting the colours and styles they see on-screen while implementing more tailored and fitted cuts. The result is a label that simply oozes with confidence and identity, and brilliantly straddles the line between retro and modern style.

fury suits a man

Because of the cinematic influence, Fury suits are sexy, luxurious, versatile, boldly distinct, and yet not without a familiar edge. Ultimately, these are suits that refuse to conform but nevertheless stay within the parameters of modern taste. If you’re likewise a gentleman who goes his own way–but not to the point of alienating yourself–then Fury has your name written all over it. 

Check it out

fury suits two man

fury suits a man wearing a black colored suit

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