G-SHOCK Reveals MASTER OF G FROGMAN Timepiece for Summer

Casio’s G-shock Series hasn’t minced words since its debut in 1983. It was promoted as the toughest watch on the market then and it’s promoted as the toughest watch on the market today. Naturally, that doesn’t mean the G-Shocks haven’t been enabled with new features, explored new terrain or undergone vast improvements to stay ahead of the competition.

The new MASTER OF G FROGMAN (GWFD1000B-1) represents the latest to emerge from G-Shock’s forays into underwater territory and is therefore the perfect accessory for modern day divers. It comes equipped with a Dive Log and state of the art Triple Sensor technology, which utilizes a depth gauge, digital compass, thermometer and full Auto LED light to yield superior visibility in the murkiest of conditions.

g shock watch black

G-Shock developed most of its newest features after conducting interviews with the professional rescue sector of the Japan Coast Guard. As a result, the watchmakers gained extensive knowledge of how their products might better serve their target demographic. The focus for the Frogman quickly became a timepiece that could provide real-time data even when confronted with the rapid environmental changes expected during deep-sea dives. The Frogman also employs the G-Shock’s signature shock resistance and includes materials like sapphire crystal, carbon fire and stainless steel to round out its sturdy charm. Expect a durable, stylish digital watch that can deliver its features in the face of insanely hostile conditions.

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