A Gent of Real Estate Toby Maher Talks Suburbs & Suits

There’s a lot more to Toby Maher’s Instagram account than his huge following and a zippy pun (A.Gent.Of Real.Estate? C’mon – every guy working in the property sector out there is surely slapping themselves for not thinking of that first). Toby’s built his fanbase for his bright, edgy and bold outfits and colour combinations, and perfectly tailored suits. His regular uploads provide style inspiration to many and draw on a combination of classic gentleman’s tailoring and street-chic looks, which suitably match his native habitat of Melbourne.

We caught up with the dapper real estate agent to talk about his inspirations, cheesy (but succinct) career advice and what not to wear.

toby maher formal looks

Real estate agents don’t traditionally have a great track record for style. Are you single-handedly changing this image?
My grandfather instilled his values in me that you always dress in respect to who you are meeting. My clients are priority to me which is why I present myself in the manner that I do, no matter how serious the meeting is, I always want my clients to know how important it is to me. I guess that instagram is a medium that I can have some sort of reach to other real estate agents to help step up their game and set them apart from others in the business, it’s a dog eat dog world out there so you need a point of difference.

What’s the best book ever written?
I have to be honest, I am not a massive book lover, most of the books I have ever read have been in school. In my job I meet new people every day and love hearing what experiences people share, which is why I have moved to podcasts. My favourite at the moment is Serial, check it out!

toby maher briefcase
What’s your favourite suit in the wardrobe?
My favourite has to be my Made to Measure 3 piece by Hermen Menswear in Melbourne. Traditional Italian details such as big peak lapels, double breasted waistcoat, side adjusters, lengthened blazer and high-waisted trousers. The cloths are top notch which is a high priority for me as I am in it so often.

It’s movie night – Love Actually or Machete?
My brother has been banging on about Machete forever so its probably about time that I actually sit down and watch it, much to the despise of my girlfriend haha.

What accessory can’t you do without?
I cannot go without a watch. A lot of the time I am on the phone so I rely on the old school way of telling time.

toby maher a gent of real estate walking

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?
“Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.” – Harvey Specter. I know it is so cliche for me to quote the king of suits but seriously if I didn’t surround myself with the positive people I have in my life I wouldn’t be where I am today. Every time I have taken a risk in my life I have had the right people with me to support my decision, that drives my motivation to succeed and build others around me up.

What’s Australia’s most stylish suburb?
Style depends on personal preference, some fashion trends can be too out there for me but some people absolutely nail it. In Melbourne styles can differ from suburb to suburb but they all kill their individual look. Melbourne is definitely the style capital of Australia, suburb depends on taste.

toby maher wear blue denim pant and suit

What’s at the top of your bucket list?
Definitely traveling to Europe and seeing all the architecture of past centuries. There is so much history in the old churches, castles and town halls that I would love to explore. Rome has to be top of the list.

What’s the cardinal sin of accessorising?
The cardinal sin of accessorising is knowing when to match and when not to match. You match products like your shoes and belt, watches and jewellery, colours of your tie and socks. However you should never match the patterns of your tie and pocket square, which is a pet hate I am sorry.

What’s your dream set of wheels?
Dream wheels has to be a Ferrari F12 TDF. That thing would fly but also oozes class.

maher sitting on sofa beside wooden log store

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