Give a Winning Performance in HRD Irving Vincent’s Brando Leather Jacket

Horner Racing Development, best known for their champion racing bike marque Irving Vincent, are also one of the best places to look if you’re after a bona-fide motorcycle jacket. This one here is the suitably named Brando, a classic 1950’s style biker jacket Italian designed.

In true motorcycle jacket style, it features a diagonal zip, button collar, zips at the cuffs, plenty of pockets and a belt at the waist. The HRD racing logo embossed at the upper left sleeve is subtle, and not a bad way to show off your knowledge of modern racing trends.

While it’s a safe and practical number zipped and buckled for when you’re taking it past 8000rpm down the freeway, this jacket looks just as good left open with some faded jeans, a white tee, motorcycle boots, aviators and a cigarette. Badass.

Check it out

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