Got Your Back – Henty CoPilot

Henty is a stellar brand founded in Australia and named for a diverse and rugged area on Tasmania’s coastline. As such their insanely versatile backpacks are designed to handle pretty much any kind of adventure you can throw at them. Whether it’s the adventure of exploring the wilderness with some friends or the adventure of commuting to your day job without ruffling your suit, Henty’s got your back in spades.

 henty copilot black bag

The newest masterpiece to emerge from Henty is the CoPilot and it’s not only their best bag yet, it’s also the world’s first two-bag system and basically the most adaptive and dynamic backpack you’ve ever seen. The main thrust behind the CoPilot is that it will store all your items safely and keep your clothing wrinkle-free and dry whether you’re taking it to work or to the nearest mountaintop. That’s all thanks to the dual-fold employment of a sturdy outer garment bag and then a pliant inner gym bag. Connect the two units by clips and then roll them up into one uniform backpack or messenger bag. With both bags working in unison you get tons of stabilization, a size that will still fit in the overhead compartment on your next plane ride, flaps that provide total resistance in the face of bad weather, and more pocket space than you even need.

 henty copilot bag inside

Storage room for sneakers and extra compartments for dirty clothes are a mere sampling of the many features available on Henty’s latest, and there’s essentially nothing that the two-in-one bag system isn’t equipped to hold. The CoPilot is some truly intelligent luggage and it just might render virtually every other bag of yours obsolete. Check it out on Kickstarter to watch those numbers climb or to get in on the action while you can. This is a bag made for modern men by modern men.

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 henty copilot bag and shoes

 henty copilot bag and accessories

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