Gotta Be Fresh – Fresh Sock Co

We’ll just come out with it: socks are the bastard children of menswear, born purely out of necessity over fashion. We rarely think about them and most of us don’t like shopping for them. But that doesn’t mean socks can’t exhibit their own personalities or feel great when we put them on. Asking that we reconsider the men’s sock is Fresh Sock Co out of Melbourne. This subscription-based service keeps your feet and ankles comfortable in style by sending you new pairs of socks every month. They want you to savour the experience of slipping on a fresh pair and even have some fun by way of unique patterns and designs.

fresh sock co with shoes

Fresh Sock Co takes the “fresh” in its name seriously. The company is constantly thinking outside the box and keeping customers on their toes by incorporating bold colours and edgy prints as well as limited edition designs. It’s all part of an effort to take the sock out from under the shadows and put a spotlight on its potential to engage. Fresh Sock Co is committed to durability as well, utilizing a 75% cotton blend that took them over a year to develop. That not only means a product that will feel wonderful as you slip it on but one that won’t fade or tear after a mere few washes.

fresh sock co red color

A subscription to Fresh Sock Co will run a very affordable $12 a month and you’re free to cancel anytime. For those of you who want to give your feet and ankles a little extra touch of flair, or are simply too lazy to shop for new socks every month, check out the new company and help give the men’s sock some long overdue love and attention.

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