Grab OLIVERS’ Movement Kit For Warmer Days

In recent weeks, OLIVERS has released a very exciting new collection, their well-titled Movement Kit. This is their go-to short and tee combo for spring travel and summer adventures, and after seeing what they have to offer, it should probably become yours too. Featuring the Capital Short and Convoy Tee, the collection incorporates comfort and style seamlessly.

The new Capital Short is inspired by a classic chino design, but it incorporates modern elements like the seemingly ubiquitous four-way stretch fabric, a nylon/spandex blend, which makes the shorts essentially water repellant and abrasion resistant. The Convoy Tee is made with 100% merino wool, of which the benefits speak for themselves. But while many merino tees are designed as thicker and warmer winter layers or itchy bases, the Convoy Tee is designed to be light and comfortable, helping you stay cool when things heat up.

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grab olivers convoy tee is made with wool