Grooming Tips to Help Hide a Hangover

When the drinks are flowing, it’s way too easy to get over-enthusiastic. By the time you decide “I’ve had enough”, it’s not until the the next morning that you realise that you should have decided that you’d “had enough” at least 3 hours earlier. This all too familiar scenario is great if you’re planning a lazy Sunday of Netflix (and optional chill), but if you actually plan on being a semi-functional human being, physically you’ll probably look as terrible as you mentally feel, as you struggle through your day.

We know what it’s like to wake up with Kendrick Lamar’s lyric “pool full of liquor” sounding like an accurate recount of the previous night’s alcohol consumption, so we’ve put together a few cheeky little tricks to help you to appear like a somewhat respectable person. So with advice from some of the top experts in the business, here are our best grooming tips to help hide a hangover.

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Anthony Nader – International Stylist and Founder RAW Anthony Nader Salon, Surry Hills
The biggest lifesaver I have (and trust me I know) is by tuning into your Mad Men TV series 60’s vibe and comb in a slick shiny side part . This works such a treat and you’d be amazed how damn fresh and bran spankin new you’ll look even tho your still let’s say “under the weather”.

Master Barber at Murdock London
Enjoy a hot shower and allow the steam to open up your pores. This allows Facial Scrub to be better absorbed which will effectively clear any buildup of dead skin. Apply in a circular motion to small areas of the face to deepen the cleansing. For a gentler cleansing process, consider Facial Wash to rid away excess oil and dirt whilst soothing your skin.

Once you’re out the shower, follow with an application of Moisturiser to restore your skin’s new-found freshness and ensure that the hard work so far maintains itself throughout the day. Concluding with Eye Serum is a must for soothing tired skin and most crucially for attacking a hangover, helping blood circulation and decreasing inflammation.


facial face stylish man

Jules Togini – Philips Shaving and Grooming ambassador and Men’s Hairdresser Of The Year
“The morning after, the night before” – you’re never going to look your best, but you can certainly try:

  1. Your hair and skin holds all the interesting smells that you came into contact with last night, therefore, washing your hair and face will make you look fresh and smell great. Don’t forget to style your hair into place afterwards and keep a comb on you!
  2. Trim your beard and use beard oil – unruly beards add to an already dishevelled morning after appearance. You don’t need to go for a clean shave, but trimming your stubble so it looks tidy will make such a difference. I suggest using the Philips Vacuum BeardTrimmer because you can set the preferred length of your stubble and the small, inbuilt vacuum captures around 90% of cut hair.
  3. If all else fails? Wear a hat, sunglasses, deodorant and good luck!

Phoenix Thomson – Stylist at American Crew
If your feeling rough but don’t want the world to know. Start the day with a shower and a shave. When you shampoo your hair follow with American Crew daily conditioner. It contains peppermint and menthol and will clear your head and invigorate your scalp in seconds. A clean shave always make you look more groomed. Avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs by prepping with American Crew lubricating shave oil as a prep product. You can layer Moisturising Shave Cream on top of that if you have coarser facial hair. To finish and massage some Post Shave Cooling lotion to hydrate and get your skin revived.

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