5 Quick Post Workout Skincare Tips

Skincare for men is the new big thing in the cosmetics industry. The modern day man is all about looking fresh and having clear skin. There are major differences in men and women’s skin, but they both require the same care and attention — cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturising and wearing sunscreen. Most guys tend to think all they need  is to wash their body and face with a cake of soap, and if they happen to have dry skin,  they might just rub a bit of hand cream on their face or go for a surf to wash their face with salt water. But attitudes are definitely changing, and there’s no longer a stigma around men who like to care for their skin and make sure it looks good — and more importantly, feels good. It’s especially important to look after your skin if you are exercising because of the amount of sweat and oil which builds up during your workout. The following 5 Tips will help you keep your skin healthy through the use of some of the best skincare products on the market.

1) Use a moisturiser that is specially formulated for the face

Ideally one that contains a sunscreen use a (the men who age fastest are those who don’t take the ageing effects of the sun seriously). The Clarins Men’s Super Moisture Gel,  helps revitalize and firm skin on contact and protect against pollution. It’s the perfect moisturiser to hydrate your skin without making your skin oily.


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2) Always apply an after-shave gel after you shave to help prevent ingrown facial hair and irritated skin.

It’s best to Look for after-shave gels with natural hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, calendula and aloe vera. The Molton Brown Skin Recovery Post Shave Balm, helps skin calm down post-shave, with restorative barley extract to rebuild your skin’s moisture barrier for a comfortable feel.


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3) It may seem like an unnecessary procedure, but guys need to exfoliate.

If a guy is prone to ingrown hairs from shaving, exfoliation will help prevent the problem by getting rid of dead skin cells that can block pores and cause ingrown hairs. You only need to exfoliate once or twice a week and you’ll find it will make a big difference. The purifying and detoxifying, Payot, Gel Nettoyage Profond cleanses the face daily and its exfoliating microgranules eliminate impurities and dead cells.


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4) Throw out your harsh acne products.

As we explained in this post , most acne treatments are too harsh for the skin and can even exacerbate acne, because they dry the skin out, causing the skin to produce more oil, which leads to more acne. The Natio Acne Clear Night Night Repair Moisture Treatment helps maintain the skin’s correct moisture balance, calm redness and prevent breakouts as you sleep. Antibacterial tamanu and tea tree target acne-causing bacteria, while anti-inflammatory aloe and green tea calm and soothe skin. Nation’s treatment deeply soothes and helps clear skin so you wake up with a clearer complexion.


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5) Don’t wash your face with body soap!

When it comes to skincare for men, this is a very common mistake. Soap has a very high pH level, which means it’s very drying on the skin. For those guys who have dry skin anyway, cleaning your face with soap is about the worst thing you can do, so buy a cleanser which balances the sebaceous activity on the skin, without depleting the skin of its natural oils. The Biotherm Homme, Aqua Power cleanser, is a powerful double-action cleanser which effectively removes impurities while refreshing and reinforcing your skin daily. It’s ultra-cleansing fresh gel formula contains a combination of oligo-elements and potent cleansing agents that leave the skin soft, comfortable and exceptionally fresh. You skin is ideally prepared for shaving. Use daily under the shower or on wet skin.


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