A Beautiful Smile and a Beautiful World with the World’s First Battery-Free Powered Toothbrush

That winning smile may be your most endearing quality, but it could also be a way of helping to save the environment. The Be. Toothbrush is the world’s first powered toothbrush that doesn’t require batteries. Some 15 billion batteries are discarded worldwide each year, and only about 1 percent of those batteries are recycled. That’s a lot of toxic materials and waste being dumped into landfills either as spent batteries, or as materials used to create new batteries. It may not seem like much, but just the act of using a powered toothbrush that doesn’t require batteries still helps.

beyond electric stores kinetic energy to power brush

So, if the Be. Toothbrush doesn’t use batteries, what sort of weird Voodoo does it use? Be., which stands for Beyond Electric, stores kinetic energy to power the head of the brush. With two simple twists, the Be. Toothbrush powers over 80,000 brush strokes. It’s also smart—literally. Featuring a smart sensor that operates at the ADA recommended pressure of 120g, the Be. helps train you to fight tartar, plaque, and cavities the right way.

toothbrush is compact with snap on case

Because the Be. Toothbrush is compact with a snap-on case, it’s perfect for travel, either on business or camping.

What could be better than keeping your smile beautifully white? How about accomplishing that with a toothbrush that doesn’t require batteries and is made from 100 percent recycled materials with 100 percent bio-degradable brushes?

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